Paulo André Lima de Castro

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Strain Rate Imaging (SRI) is a new echocardiographic technique that allows for the real-time determination of myocardial SR, which may be used for the early and accurate detection of coronary artery disease. We sought to study whether SR is affected by scan line alignment in a computer simulation and an in vivo experiment. Through the computer simulation(More)
In order to manage their portfolios in stock markets, i.e., to determine buy and sell signals, human traders use a set of algorithms created by economists, which are based on stock prices series. These algorithms are usually referred as technical analysis. However, traders prefer to use a combination of several algorithms as indicators , rather than(More)
Many researchers in the software agent field use the financial domain as a test bed to develop adaptation, cooperation and learning skills of software agents. However, there are no open source financial market simulation tools available, that are able to provide a suitable environment for agents with real information about assets and order execution(More)
Autonomous trading is often seen as artificial intelligence applied to finance by AI researchers, but it may also be a way to motivate the development of autonomous agents, just like robot soccer competitions are used to motivate the research in mobile robots. In fact, some initiatives could be observed in recent years, for instance [1] and [2]. In this(More)
Color M-mode echocardiography has recently been utilized to describe diastolic flow propagation velocity (Vp) in the left ventricle. While increasing temporal resolution from 15 to 200 Hz, this M-mode technique requires the user to select a single scanline, potentially limiting quantification of Vp due to the complex three-dimensional inflow pattern. We(More)
Despite the fact any investor prefers lower risk and higher return, investors may have different preferences about what would be an acceptable risk or a minimal return. For instance, some investors prefer to have a lower bound risk rather than gaining a higher return. In portfolio theory, it is commonly assumed the existence of one risk free asset that(More)
In recent article, Farmer and Foley [3] claimed that the agent-based modeling may be a better way to help guide financial policies than traditional mathematical models. The authors argue that such models can accurately predict short periods ahead as long as the scenario remains almost the same, but fail in times of high volatility. Another real world(More)
It is well known that human preferences in decisions under risk do not always complies with expected utility theory (EUT). In fact, there are several effects that are inconsistent with basic tenets of EUT. Alternative theories have been proposed and perhaps the most well studied is Prospect Theory (PT). Recent work showed experimental results that support(More)
UNLABELLED We hypothesize that a simplified version of the Euler equation (SEE) utilizing differences in velocity over a distance and time as obtained by Color Doppler M-mode (CMM) echocardiography can approximate actual peak transmitral pressure gradients deltaP(TM). METHODS In 14 patients undergoing open-heart surgery, deltaP(TM) was measured under(More)