Paulo Alexandre Regis

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In a multihop ad hoc network, end-to-end data transmissions traverse through multiple inter-node wireless links. A jammer can disrupt the entire data transfer of a network by intentionally interfering with links between a subset of nodes. The impact of such attacks is escalated when the jammer is moving. While the majority of current ad hoc protocols(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to assign paths to data streams in a mission-centric heterogeneous wireless mesh network where nodes have multi-channel radio interfaces. Different than conventional packet-switching routing, our approach assigns the paths using a link utility based on sub-topologies of non-orthogonal frequencies. We use a graph(More)
UAV networks are envisioned to play a crucial role in the future generations of wireless networks. The mechanical degrees of freedom in the movement of UAVs provides various advantages for tactical and civilian applications. Due to the high cost of failures in system-based tests, initial analysis and refinement of designs and algorithms for UAV applications(More)
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