Paulino I. Morales

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Laser-induced breakdown in air and solutions is a well-investigated phenomenon. The emission spectra are primarily atomic spectra of gases from air and volatilized metallic and other ions. Microwave-induced breakdown in solution has recently been observed. To accomplish the latter efficiently, a soluble organic semi-conductor must be added to solutions(More)
We have demonstrated that coating bacterial spores with organic semiconductor (diazoluminomelanin) enhances killing of these spores by pulsed microwave energy in aqueous solutions. Here we present additional data showing that this can be done with dry agent in a pulsed corona plasma reactor. We also show that the reduction/oxidation reactions that mediate(More)
With a preliminary character, the results of the recently archaeological documentation conducted at the sites of La Quemada Corozal, Ta Aj Corozal and Torre Corozal are presented here. These sites are located southeast of the Yaxha-NakumNaranjo National Park, 8 km north of the village of El Zapote. The preliminary analysis of the information gathered in the(More)
With the aim of obtaining high density biosensing arrays we use pulsed laser deposition to immobilize functional biomolecules on useful surfaces, and micro- and nanopatterning techniques for fabrication of prototype immunosensing bioarrays. We report biological activity tests demonstrating the functional properties of the immobilized proteins and atomic(More)
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