Paulino Gómez-Puertas

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It has long been known that pyruvate is essential for survival of prenatal neurons in culture. To understand the role of exogenous pyruvate in neuronal calcium homeostasis, we have investigated the effects of pyruvate (plus malate) addition to dissociated adult rat hippocampal and cerebral cortex cells and cultured CNS neurons having an unrestricted glucose(More)
Cadherins form a large family of calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion receptors involved in development, morphogenesis, synaptogenesis, differentiation, and carcinogenesis through signal mechanotransduction using an adaptor complex that connects them to the cytoskeleton. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying mechanotransduction through cadherins(More)
Reversible protein phosphorylation is one of the most important forms of cellular regulation. Thus, phosphoproteomic analysis of protein phosphorylation in cells is a powerful tool to evaluate cell functional status. The importance of protein kinase-regulated signal transduction pathways in human cancer has led to the development of drugs that inhibit(More)
Eukaryotic cells respond to DNA damage by activating damage checkpoint pathways, which arrest cell cycle progression and induce gene expression. We isolated a full-length cDNA encoding a 49-kDa protein from Leishmania major, which exhibited significant deduced amino acid sequence homology with the annotated Leishmania sp. DNA damage-inducible (Ddi1-like)(More)
UNLABELLED From conformational studies to atomistic descriptions of enzymatic reactions, potential and free energy landscapes can be used to describe biomolecular systems in detail. However, extracting the relevant data of complex 3D energy surfaces can sometimes be laborious. In this article, we present MEPSA (Minimum Energy Path Surface Analysis), a(More)
Serine proteinase inhibitors (serpins) finely regulate serine proteinase activity via a suicide substrate-like inhibitory mechanism. In parasitic nematodes, some serpins interact with host physiological processes; however, little is known about these essential molecules in Anisakis. This article reports the gene sequencing, cloning, expression and(More)
Aged, memory-impaired rats do not learn an 8-arm radial maze task but differ in their performance along testing. The aim of this study was to determine whether any of the systems that govern calcium homeostasis in synaptosomes may be related to that difference in performance. A negative correlation between initial (5 s) K(+)-stimulated 45Ca2+ uptake and the(More)
Aging is associated with alterations in different systems that govern neuronal calcium homeostasis. This study was designed to determine whether any of these alterations may contribute to the decline in spatial working memory that is observed in old rats. Several parameters [initial (5 s) and steady state (15 min) 45Ca2+ uptake, FCCP-releaseable 45Ca2+,(More)
The phosphorylation state of P42, the phosphorylated, catalytically inactive, alpha-subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH), decreased markedly (42.4%) in response to K(+)-depolarization of synaptosomes. The dephosphorylation was rapid (5-15 s), calcium-dependent and could also be observed in isolated mitochondria exposed to a rise in extramitochondrial(More)