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INTRODUCTION Infiltration of breast tumors by tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) has been associated with sensitivity to anthracycline-based chemotherapy. However, it is unclear whether this is true within the estrogen receptor-alpha (ER)-negative subset of breast tumors that frequently manifest high TIL levels. METHODS The association of TIL with(More)
Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR) is an increasingly common clinical challenge. IBTRs include True Recurrences (TR; persistent disease) and New Primaries (NP; de novo tumors), but discrimination between these is difficult. We assessed tumor infiltrating leukocytes (TIL) as biomarkers for distinguishing these types of IBTR using primary tumors and(More)
BACKGROUND A protocol of electronic portal imaging (EPI) registration for the verification of radiation treatment fields has been implemented at our institution. A template is generated using the reference images, which is then registered with the EPI for treatment verification. This study examines interobserver consistency among trained radiation(More)
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