Pauline Serres

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OBJECTIVE To identify the risk factors for failure of manual rotation in patients with occiput posterior or transverse positions during labor and to study the cesarean rate according to the success of the rotation. METHODS Case-control study comparing failure and success of manual rotation. Cases were all fetuses for whom rotation failed. We used(More)
It is generally assumed that the mechanical perception of shivering is necessary for the perception of cold discomfort. Shivering of rats in a cool environment was eliminated by curarization. The rats were kept alive by artificial respiration. Heart rate was proportional to rectal temperature in a group of controls. One group of rats was conditioned to(More)
The losses of ~1.2 m long WR10 (2.54x1.27 mm2) rectangular waveguides were measured at room temperature across the 70-116 GHz band. Ten different waveguide modules were machined in two different materials (Aluminum alloy and Brass) using different surface roughness (Ra) and different splitblock waveguide geometries (E-plane and b-edge) as to establish the(More)
The principle of behavioural therapy was used in anti-tobacco treatment. An assessment of the first 100 patients is given here. From the beginning of treatment, which was individual and lasted for one week, the subjects, with three exceptions, stopped smoking between the treatment sessions. After treatment was completed, 93 subjects maintained this(More)