Pauline Parkinson

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INTRODUCTION This randomised, open-label, multicentre study compared the safety and efficacy of an analgesia-based sedation regime using remifentanil with a conventional hypnotic-based sedation regime in critically ill patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation for up to 10 days. METHODS One hundred and five randomised patients received either a(More)
The incidence of fetal malformations in a teaching hospital was determined by prospective study of 10,454 consecutively born infants. One or more major malformation was detected in 424 (4-1%) and one or more minor malformation was detected in 680 (6-5%). Major malformations were more common in stillborn infants (14-1%), in those who died in the neonatal(More)
During the years 1971-1982 urinary oestriol excretion was tested in 38,536 patients (group 1). One or more low oestriol value was found in 11.0% of patients; in this group the stillbirth rate was 8 times higher, the neonatal death rate 4 times higher, and fetal growth retardation rate 4 times higher than in patients with normal oestriol values (all p less(More)
During the 8-year period 1973 to 1980, antenatal cardiotocographic monitoring was performed on 3,006 high-risk pregnancies selected from a total obstetric population of 37,856 patients. A critical fetal reserve was detected in 72 patients (2.3%) whose pregnancies resulted in 20 perinatal deaths and 52 infants who survived the neonatal period; 45 of these(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the level of agreement between the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator home pregnancy test and standard-of-care ultrasound in assessing pregnancy duration in a real-life, observational setting encompassing routine, clinical care. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This was a prospective observational study of(More)