Pauline Mechet

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In today's age, companies employ machine learning to extract information from large quantities of data. One of those techniques, reservoir computing (RC), is a decade old and has achieved state-of-the-art performance for processing sequential data. Dedicated hardware realizations of RC could enable speed gains and power savings. Here we propose the first(More)
To emulate a spiking neuron, a photonic component needs to be excitable. In this paper, we theoretically simulate and experimentally demonstrate cascadable excitability near a self-pulsation regime in high-Q-factor silicon-on-insulator microrings. For the theoretical study we use Coupled Mode Theory. While neglecting the fast energy and phase dynamics of(More)
We demonstrate class I excitability in optically injected microdisk lasers, and propose a possible optical spiking neuron design. The neuron has a clear threshold and an integrating behavior, leading to an output rate-input rate dependency that is comparable to the characteristic of sigmoidal artificial neurons. We also show that the optical phase of the(More)
Using a 7.5 μm diameter disk fabricated with III-V-on-silicon fabrication technology, we demonstrate bias-free all-optical wavelength conversion for non-return-to-zero on-off keyed pseudorandom bit sequence (PRBS) data at the speed of 10 Gbits/s with an extinction ratio of more than 12 dB. The working principle of such a wavelength converter is based on(More)
We report the demonstration of an all-optical, bias free and error-free (bit-error-rate ~10(-12)), 10 Gbit/s non-return-to-zero (NRZ) to return-to-zero (RZ) data format conversion using a 7.5 µm diameter III-V-on-silicon microdisk resonator. The device is completely processed in a 200 mm CMOS pilot line. The data format conversion is based on the phenomenon(More)
We demonstrate unidirectional bistability in microdisk lasers electrically pumped and heterogeneously integrated on SOI. The lasers operate in continuous wave regime at room temperature and are single mode. Integrating a passive distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) on the waveguide to which the microdisk is coupled feeds laser emission back into the laser(More)
We report a high lasing wavelength uniformity of optically pumped InP-based microdisk lasers processed with electron-beam lithography, heterogeneously integrated with adhesive bonding on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide circuits and evanescently coupled to an underlying waveguide. We study the continuous wave laser emission coupling out of the SOI via a(More)
We discuss properties and applications of heterogeneously integrated microdisk lasers coupled to an asymmetrically reflecting bus waveguide. Specific properties of interest for optical interconnect are unidirectionality and sensitivity to external feedback. We also discuss the application of such lasers for low power all-optical signal regeneration.
A novel ultracompact electro-optic phase modulator based on a single 9 μm-diameter III-V microdisk resonator heterogeneously integrated on and coupled to a nanophotonic waveguide is presented. Modulation is enabled by effective index modification through carrier injection. Proof-of-concept implementation involving binary phase shift keying modulation format(More)