Pauline E Hill

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This study compares two teaching strategies: textbook assignment and videotape with no faculty assistance, and textbook assignment and videotape with faculty assistance (demonstration of skills and supervised practice) to determine their effect on outcome performance (measurement of blood pressure) and on the student's perceived level of confidence. The(More)
This phenomenological study provides an in-depth understanding of the lived experiences of Muslim persons with diabetes during Ramadan. The findings facilitate health professionals' knowledge of the unique needs of these clients during this time. van Manen's (1990) and Hycner's (1985) analytical methods assisted in producing the themes: knowing and(More)
In summary, the number of schools using CAI is increasing, and available CAI programs are multiplying rapidly. We believe that a critical factor in classroom use of CAI is the selection of appropriate topics for presentation by this method of media instruction. Faculty must know students' reactions and level of satisfaction with CAI to ensure that selection(More)
As director of the South Carolina units of the American Women's Hospitals and as the state's first female county health official, Hilla Sheriff combined elements of the Progressive Era's social gospel; the New Deal notion that concerned, public-spirited officials could make a difference; and a nascent feminism that led her into the controversial fields of(More)
Objective The objective of the study was to identify the knowledge, skills and practices of diabetes educators in relation to teaching and learning. The Australian diabetes educators’ skills and readiness for the tsunami of diabetes in the 21st century Design Quantitative and qualitative analysis of an online survey. Setting Diabetes educators across(More)
Perinatal addiction is being seen with increasing frequency and is a complex issue. It involves the patient, her environment, partner, prenatal care, labor, delivery, and neonatal time periods. There are no quick solutions. These patients do require compassionate and competent care regardless of how their care provider may feel about their particular(More)
Teamwork, communication, critical incident debriefing, and grief counseling surrounding the events of an unexpected maternal death are important continuing education and practice topics for health care employees working with pregnant women. Social technologies have impacted health care institutions and systems. Ethical dilemmas have been created in(More)