Pauline Davidson

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High resolution single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) was used to evaluate regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in 14 acutely depressed elderly patients and 29 normal subjects. SPECT images of the two groups were randomized and blindly read. Foci of decreased radionuclide uptake were assessed by number and location. The total number of rCBF(More)
Pleural effusion(s) can increase the pressure of an otherwise insignificant pericardial effusion to a degree that can result in cardiac tamponade. The case histories presented here illustrate the importance of recognizing this phenomenon and altering our treatment algorithm to drain the pleural effusions instead of the pericardial collections.
It is known that not all thin malignant melanomas have an excellent prognosis and that the specific features identifying the patients at risk of metastasis have not been fully elucidated. We have looked at thin malignant melanomas (less than 1.5 mm) in the East of Scotland that had proven metastasis and death, and compared the clinical and histological(More)
Temporal bone studies in cat, monkey, and man demonstrate that the cell bodies of the primary vestibular neurons located in Scarpa's ganglion persist after labyrinthectomy. However, it is not known whether the centrally directed axon process of deafferented vestibular neurons survive or degenerate after labyrinthectomy. If the central axon were to persist,(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the relationship of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) with both incidental and clinical carcinoma of the prostate. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed prostate histology in 48 men (group 1) who underwent surgical removal of the prostate for diagnoses other than prostate cancer, as well as in 64 men (group 2) who underwent(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the etiology of nasal polyps and its relationship to allergy. The prevalence of positive food and inhalant skin tests in patients with nasal polyps and nonatopic controls was compared. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective controlled study in tertiary referral rhinology clinic. RESULTS Seventy percent (70%) of the patients with(More)
Thick malignant melanomas in general tend to have a poor prognosis, but exceptions occur where there may be no further recurrence. The reasons for this difference in clinical behaviour are not fully understood. We have looked at thick malignant melanomas (greater than 3.0 mm) in the East of Scotland that have no evidence of metastasis after a minimum of 6(More)
Faecal occult blood testing with Hemoccult is becoming popular as a means of detecting colorectal carcinoma or adenoma. In determining its diagnostic place, such testing must be evaluated in patients with colonic symptoms as well as in asymptomatic populations. False negative test results may be determined either by full colonic investigation of screened(More)