Pauline Défossez

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The soil compaction by vehicles is a major factor responsible for physical degradation of cultivated soils. Uniaxial confined compression tests are usually performed to characterise the compaction properties of soil. Two main forms of compression curve have been observed: (i) the bi-linear curve having an elastic rebound curve at low stresses and a linear(More)
Soil air permeability is one of the most important parameters which govern the aeration in agricultural soils and thus has a significant effect on the plant growth and crop production. Therefore, it appears important, when analysing the effect of soil compaction due to agricultural machinery, to correlate air permeability with soil capacity parameters such(More)
Root anchorage function is crucial for tree survival as most trees are exposed to recurrent wind throughout their lifespan. Trees exhibit a large variability of root system architecture (RSA) due genetic and environmental factors. This study aims to understand the links between RSA and tree stability. A 3D biomechanical model was used to simulate tree(More)
Models for predictions of soil compaction following forest traffic represent important decision tools for forest managers in order to choose the best management practices for preserving soil physical quality. In agricultural soil compaction research, analytical models are widely used for this purpose. Our objective was to assess the ability of an analytical(More)
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