Pauline Cameron

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Does mood vary as a function of age, sec, or situation? In four investigations, 6,452 persons aged 4 to 99 were interrupted at leisure, at home, at school, and at work and asked to assess their mood as being happy, neutral, or unhappy. Moods of happiness and neutrality were each reported about 45% and unhappiness about 10% of the time. Females more(More)
The pI-6.8 species of normal human interleukin 1 (IL-1) has been isolated by ion-exchange and reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. The isolated material had a molecular weight of 18,000, and had a specific bioactivity of 1.7 X 10(7) half-maximal U/mg in the murine thymocyte proliferation assay, values similar to those obtained for murine(More)
Two anionic species of human IL-1 have been purified to homogeneity. These molecules were characterized as having pI of 5.4 and 5.2 and molecular weights identical to IL-1/6.8 (17,500). The specific activities of IL-1/5.4 and IL-1/5.2, as measured in the mouse thymocyte co-mitogenic assay, were identical to that of IL-1/6.8, namely 1.2 X 10(7) U/mg, with(More)
OBJECTIVE To propose a model for teaching and supervising the termination process in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. METHOD Group supervision of the 12-week termination phase of psychotherapy with a patient who had been in psychotherapy with a senior resident for 2 years. RESULTS This supervisory method provided a positive termination experience for the(More)
The purpose of this paper was to identify examples of supervisory and treatment impasses that occur in psychotherapy training and to examine aspects of their resolution. A self-administered questionnaire was completed by resident volunteers in two Ontario university departments of psychiatry. Despite responses indicating an apparent overall contentment with(More)
Historical approaches of psychotherapy for depression are contrasted with current psychotherapeutic strategies. Now more strategies are focused, structured, time-limited, observable, testable, researchable and data based. The following depressive syndromes are reviewed in terms of the literature that demonstrates the effectiveness of psychotherapy: major(More)
The importance of a discrete assessment phase in the treatment of people with martial problems is emphasized. The consequence of such phase in terms of clarification of treatment selection and engagement is discussed. Examples are presented which demonstrate the importance of attending to the factors of commitment to the marriage and motivation and capacity(More)