Pauline Burner

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Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) virus infection of the mouse is the best-studied model of persistent viral infection. In cell culture, persistent LCM virus infections are associated with the production of large quantities of defective interfering (DI) LCM virus. These defective interfering particles cannot replicate by themselves yet can interfere with(More)
Yttrium aluminum borate (YAB) powders prepared by sol-gel process have been investigated to understand their photoluminescence (PL) mechanism. The amorphous YAB powders exhibit bright visible PL from blue emission for powders calcined at 450 °C to broad white PL for higher calcination temperature. Thanks to 13 C labelling, NMR and EPR studies show that(More)
Wet-chemically synthesized amorphous yttrium-aluminum-borates (a-YAB) exhibit intense visible photoluminescence (PL). Preliminary investigations revealed a correlation of PL with the presence of carbon-related impurities; however, their exact nature is still under investigation. These powders also exhibit afterglow luminescence that lasts for several(More)
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