Pauline Brown

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It has been well documented that newly qualified nurses require support in developing confidence and professional competence. Although preceptorship models have gone some way in addressing this need, innovative and flexible models of facilitation and development are also required to respond to local demands. In the project reported here a number of(More)
A number of locally organised schemes now exist to help healthcare assistants access programmes leading to qualified nursing status. Although some schemes have been operating for some time, little has been done to evaluate their effectiveness. However, drawing on the literature that has addressed indicators of successful completion among entrants taking a(More)
The need for curriculum reform, a common theme in the nursing and health sciences literature for a number of years, is becoming urgent. This article describes an innovative undergraduate nursing curriculum. Central to the curriculum revision were the adoption of a conceptual approach, the institution of clinical experiences driven by conceptually based(More)
Homerton University Hospital trust, a first-wave foundation, commissioned a specialist consultancy to devise an induction programme for the governors. It was vital to tailor activities to individual needs while retaining overall consistency. A concluding exercise demonstrated that the majority agreed they had overcome initial hesitancy.
AIMS To demonstrate that enhanced screening for Chlamydia over and above the usual opportunistic screening in family planning (FPA) clinics is feasible, practical, and acceptable. METHODS Over a 6-month period from November 2004 to May 2005, all under-25-year-olds attending three Wellington FPA clinics in New Zealand were offered Chlamydia urine testing.(More)
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