Pauline Athanassiades

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Angiogenesis seems to contribute to tumor growth and the development of metastases. There may be an association between the vascular density of individual tumors and their prognosis. In the present survey we studied 53 cases of renal cell carcinoma investigating possible relationship between histologic grade and microvessel density (MVD) measured by an(More)
The combination of etoposide (VP-16-213) and cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum (DDP) was evaluated in 23 patients with advanced metastatic breast carcinoma who had not responded to or who had relapsed after previous two-arm chemotherapy (CMF and AV). Nineteen patients were evaluable for efficacy and one of them attained objective response. Stability of the(More)
An increase in corneal thickness occurs so regularly after cataract surgery as to be considered to be the rule. It reflects the state of endothelial activity and is therefore affected both by the preoperative condition of the endothelium and the degree of surgical manipulation. The question how quickly the endothelium can be expected to recover with(More)
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