Pauline A. Wilcox

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Testing the safety and efficacy of a successful human medicine involves many laboratory animals, which can sometimes be subjected to considerable suffering and distress. Also, it is necessary to extrapolate from the test species to humans. UK and European legislation requires that Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal procedures (the Three Rs) are(More)
With increasing globalisation of software production, widespread use of software components, and the need to maintain software systems over long periods of time, there has been a recognition that better support for collabora-tive working is needed by software engineers. In this paper, two approaches to developing improved system support for collaborative(More)
This paper describes the notion of event-driven metrics as an alternative to generating metrics from software project artefacts on-demand or periodically. The rationale for wanting such an alternative stems from on-demand metric updates being prone to human error and for potentially missing important project events and trends. Furthermore, periodic updates,(More)
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