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Direction selectivity is a prominent feature of single units in the central visual pathway of cat and monkey. Various mechanisms have been proposed for the generation of this property. Experimental evidence suggests that intracortical inhibition is a major factor contributing to direction selectivity. We have developed a one-dimensional computer model for(More)
Force microscopy experiments with the pendulum geometry are performed with attonewton sensitivity (Rugar et al 2004 Nature 43 329). Single-crystalline cantilevers with sub-millinewton spring constants were annealed under ultrahigh-vacuum conditions. It is found that annealing with temperatures below 500 °C can improve the quality factor by an order of(More)
Halogenated natural products (HNPs) are frequently detected in marine organisms. High HNP concentrations have previously been found in marine mammals from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, including in the blubber of herbivorous dugongs (Dugong dugon). To identify the source of HNPs we initially focused on the analysis of Australian seagrass (Halophila(More)
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