Paulina Mitrea

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The noninvasive diagnosis of the malignant tumors is an important issue in research nowadays. Our purpose is to elaborate computerized, texture-based methods for performing computer-aided characterization and automatic diagnosis of these tumors, using only the information from ultrasound images. In this paper, we considered some of the most frequent(More)
After a brief survey on the parametric deformable models, we develop an iterative method based on the finite difference schemes in order to obtain energy-minimizing snakes. We estimate the approximation error, the residue, and the truncature error related to the corresponding algorithm, then we discuss its convergence, consistency, and stability. Some(More)
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), now at version 2.0.2, provides a standard graphical representation for specifying business processes. In this paper we report on the first stage of a semantic investigation of BPMN, using methods in the tradition of programming languages semantics. We consider a control-flow subset of BPMN and an execution(More)
Based on some mathematical and statistical approaches, our study leads to some conclusions concerning the procedures related to the orodental prosthetics. Occlusal equilibration in orodental prosthetics is a major issue because besides motivating patients for a regular daily oral hygiene, it could significantly increase the longevity of FPR. More dental(More)
The basic goals of this paper target on the development and implementation of algorithms which provide the energy-minimizing snakes in parametric form, then in applying them to textural analysis based medical diagnosis. In order to derive these algorithms, we focus on Finite Differences Methods (Explicit and Crank-Nicolson Finite Difference Schemes), widely(More)