Paulina Martinetto

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Receiving coastal waters and estuaries are among the most nutrient-enriched environments on earth, and one of the symptoms of the resulting eutrophication is the proliferation of opportu-nistic, fast-growing marine seaweeds. Here, we used a widespread macroalga often involved in blooms, Ulva spp., to investigate how supply of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus(More)
Laser irradiation of tissues treated in vivo with haematoporphyrin (Hpr) is known to result in a cytocidal effect, reportedly more pronounced in tumour tissues. To ascertain whether this cytocidal phenomenon can occur not only in eukaryotic but also in prokaryotic cells, the authors devised a model system in vitro consisting of bacterial cultures in liquid(More)
The in vitro adherence to WISH cells of a pathogenic Trichomonas vaginalis strain was studied with a method utilizing thymidine-labeled protozoa. A marked dose-related adherence was observed. Glutaraldehyde fixed trichomonads were not adherent. The presence of fetal calf serum during the assay did not influence attachment. Concanavalin A inhibited adherence(More)
This paper examines the effect of prolonged daily administration of Vitamin A on NK activity. A placebo and a pill containing 50,000 IU retinol acetate (RA) were taken daily for 120 days by 5 and 6 healthy volunteers respectively. NK activity was determined on days -45, -40, -30 and -10 to calculate each volunteer's inherent variability and then twice a(More)
We identified eight Panamanian watersheds in which conversion from wet tropical forest to pastures differed and assessed the effects of degree of deforestation, and down-estuary transformations, on the suspended particulate matter discharged from the watersheds, entering, traversing through mangrove estuaries, and emerging into coastal waters. Deforested(More)
The mechanism of action of aminoglycosides depends on the inhibition of polypeptide synthesis. In fact, some of them such as Streptomycin, Sisomicin and Gentamicin are believed to cause codon misreading, by increasing the incorporation of certain aminoacids into polypeptide in the ribosome-polyribonucleotide system. Their primary site of action seems to be(More)
Groups of BALB/C mice received a diet supplement of 0 (group C), 200 (group A 200), 500 (group A 500), and 1,000 (group A 1,000) IU retinol palmitate (RP)/mouse/day in drinking water for 450 days. At progressive time intervals, mice from each group were tested for natural killer (NK) activity and for the percentage of large granular lymphocytes (LGL) in the(More)