Paulina Lindström

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The article reports and discusses a long-term qualitative study of forty 8–10-year-old students who regularly played a math game during math lessons for 9 weeks. The goal was to explore the relations between (i) some of the pedagogical principles that underlie the game and (ii) the playing practice in terms of what actually takes place when students play(More)
An interesting class of intelligent tutoring systems are systems that are able to detect and recognize affective responses and states in students, and use such data to adapt its feedback, guidance and instruction. The article presents affective responses and states considered relevant for learning, and methods that have been proposed or used to detect such(More)
Symbol sense refers to " a complex and multifaceted " feel " for symbols. " (Arcavi, 1994). We are interested to find out how more skilled and less skilled students read mathematical representations such as formulas, graphs and diagrams by empirically test implications of symbol sense in mathematics by using eye tracking. In addition to acquire skills in(More)
Understanding means identifying and using a structure. The core of understanding consists in identifying relevant relations between objects, between parts and their relation to the whole that is to be understood. Identifying relations contributes to enhanced understanding since finding more relations makes it possible to understand from different points of(More)
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