Paulina Kurcgant

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Even in the present, pressure ulcers still represent a severe health problem, particularly in Intensive Care Units (ICU). This study assesses the implementation of a protocol to prevent pressure ulcers in ICU inpatients. This prospective, descriptive and exploratory study verifies the incidence of pressure ulcers following the implementation of a prevention(More)
Descriptive-exploratory study, aiming to propose a program of qualification for the nursing staff, based on an indicator of healthcare quality related to the newborn’s skin integrity during a given period of hospital internment. Data from 121 newborns, collected during their stays at a neonatal unit of a university hospital according to the acquired skin(More)
This descriptive study addresses the job satisfaction of nurse managers and clinical nurses working at the Hematology and Hemotherapy Services of a public hospital in São Paulo. The study objectives were to identify the factors that caused job satisfaction among nurse managers and clinical nurses, and support the results in the development of indicators to(More)
RESUMEN Este artículo analiza cómo la cultura y el poder influyen en la estructura organizacional del servicio de enfermería en un hospital-escuela. Basados en la necesidad de protocolizar los procedimientos de enfermería, por parte de la administración general del hospital, se diseñó la estructura organizacional (organigrama) del Servicio de Enfermería. De(More)
This study aims to identify factors of work dissatisfaction through the point of view of nurses of a university hospital. This is a qualitative study with a descriptive-exploratory approach. Two categories emerged from the analysis of the interviews carried out with 6 nurses: "Personal Dimension" and "Institutional Dimension". The category "Personal(More)
This study was undertaken in a surgical center specializing in oncology, and it aimed to identify nursing activities performed during the perioperative period and to classify and validate intervention activities according to the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC). A survey of activities was conducted using records and by direct observation of(More)
The objective of this exploratory-descriptive study was to identify expected and unexpected absences of the nursing team at the inpatient units of the University Hospital at the University of Sao Paulo. Data regarding unexpected absences of the nursing staff employees of these inpatient units were assessed on a monthly basis for the year 2000. The(More)
This qualitative study aims to understand the meanings nurses at a university hospital attribute to the implementation process of the Nursing Diagnosis Classification System (DEn) as a phase in the Nursing Care System (NCS). Data were collected through interviews with eight nurses from the Medical Clinical Unit, who participated in the creation of an(More)
This research aimed to identify political-ethical skills developed in a training process compatible with the expected profile set by the National Curriculum Guidelines for the Undergraduate Nursing Degree. A case study was conducted with units represented by 32 former students from a particular religious teaching institution who already were in the job(More)
More than two decades ago the Nursing Department at the University Hospital of the University of São Paulo implemented the care model called Nursing Care System (NCS), which is comprised of three phases: Background, Evaluation and Nursing Prescription. Since then, it is being developed by the Nursing Department nurses as a guiding instrument for care,(More)