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Mammalian imprinted genes often cluster with long noncoding (lnc) RNAs. Three lncRNAs that induce parental-specific silencing show hallmarks indicating that their transcription is more important than their product. To test whether Airn transcription or product silences the Igf2r gene, we shortened the endogenous lncRNA to different lengths. The results(More)
The Airn macro ncRNA is the master regulator of imprinted expression in the Igf2r imprinted gene cluster where it silences three flanking genes in cis. Airn transcription shows unusual features normally viewed as promoter specific, such as impaired post-transcriptional processing and a macro size. The Airn transcript is 108 kb long, predominantly unspliced(More)
A CpG island (CGI) lies at the 5' end of the Airn macro non-protein-coding (nc) RNA that represses the flanking Igf2r promoter in cis on paternally inherited chromosomes. In addition to being modified on maternally inherited chromosomes by a DNA methylation imprint, the Airn CGI shows two unusual organization features: its position immediately downstream of(More)
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