Pauliina Virsu

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INTRODUCTION Vascular adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1) is an infection/inflammation-inducible endothelial glycoprotein. Based on our previous studies, the most VAP-1-selective peptide (VAP-P1) was 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N',N'',N''',N-tetraacetic acid (DOTA)-conjugated, 68gallium (68Ga)-labeled (named [68Ga]DOTAVAP-P1) and evaluated preliminarily. (More)
[(11)C]PE2I is a novel positron emission tomography (PET) radiotracer for the dopamine transporter (DAT). The reproducibility and reliability of [(11)C]PE2I measurements, especially in the small DAT-rich brain regions, is unknown and of critical importance to the interpretation of the data. Five healthy volunteers were scanned twice during the same day(More)
Inhibition of monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B) activity in the brain is a putative strategy for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). We performed a dose-selection and validation study of a novel, reversible MAO-B inhibitor, EVT 301. Sixteen healthy volunteers received selegiline (10 mg) or EVT 301 (25, 75, or 150 mg) daily for 7-8 days, and four(More)
Differentiation between bacterial infection and nonbacterial inflammation remains a diagnostic challenge. Vascular adhesion protein 1 (VAP-1) is a human endothelial protein whose cell surface expression is induced under inflammatory conditions, thus making it a highly promising target molecule for studying inflammatory processes in vivo. We hypothesized(More)
Previous human studies have shown divergent results concerning the effects of exercise training on myocardial blood flow (MBF) at rest or during adenosine-induced hyperaemia in humans. We studied whether these responses are related to alterations in adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR) density in the left-ventricular (LV) myocardium, size and work output of the(More)
11C-PK11195 is a radiopharmaceutical for in vivo assessment of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (PBR) activity using PET. We sought to clarify the metabolic fate of 11C-PK11195 in a test–retest setting using radio-HPLC in comparison with radio-TLC, and the whole-body distribution in humans. In order to evaluate the reproducibility of radio-HPLC metabolite(More)
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