Paulien Coppens

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The widespread usage of second screens, in combination with mobile video streaming technologies like HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS), enable new means for taking end-users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) to the next level. For sports events, these technological evolutions can, for example, enhance the overall engagement of remote fans or give them more control(More)
With the increasing adoption of smartphones, location-based social networks and applications gain widespread popularity. However, the disclosure of location information within these networks can cause privacy concerns among mobile users. In most of the research on privacy in location-based social networks, technology is researched as a context factor for(More)
The digitization has led to an ecosystem in which an online media portal has become an essential extension of traditional media and users are enabled to consume news and entertainment via different platforms. These evolutions pose some challenges for the media companies in terms of shifting business models, but they also bring them new possibilities in(More)
With the introduction of 4K UHD video and display resolution, questions arise on the perceptual differences between 4K UHD and upsampled HD video content. In this paper, a striped pair comparison has been performed on a diverse set of 4K UHD video sources. The goal was to subjectively assess the perceived sharpness of 4K UHD and downscaled/upscaled HD(More)
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