Pauli Kuosmanen

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We introduce a new transform domain (least mean square) LMS algorithm with variable step. The existing approaches use different time-variable step-sizes for each filter tap. The step-sizes are time-variable due to the power estimates of each transform coefficient. In our new approach, for each step-size we define a local component that is given by the power(More)
A new algorithm for removing mixed noise from images based on combining an impulse removal operation with local adaptive filtering in transform domain is proposed in this paper. The key point is that the operation is designed so that it removes impulses while maintaining as much as possible of the frequency content of the original image. The second stage is(More)
After a review of the circle fitting issue, we recall a relatively unknown method derived from a classical geometric result. We propose an improvement of this technique by reweighting the data, iterating the procedure, and choosing at every step as the new inversion point the one diametrically opposite to the previous inversion point. © 2003 SPIE and IS&T.(More)