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OBJECTIVE Guidelines for emergency treatment of stroke are not always known or followed. Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. collaborated with hospitals to determine how closely the current American Heart Association (AHA) and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) guidelines were being followed and to improve compliance with these(More)
  • P Vasey
  • 1993
The anthracycline class of antitumour agents have the widest spectrum of activity of all drugs used to treat malignant disease. Consequently they are ubiquitous in their use worldwide, but are not without problems. The abrogation of cardiac toxicity and the development of drug resistance has been attempted by modifying the molecule chemically, producing(More)
The Florida Medicare quality improvement organization implemented a case management project with 20 acute care hospitals to reduce unnecessary Medicare admissions. The project called for hospitals to implement a protocol to assign patients to observation or inpatient admission status. Results of the project showed a 67% reduction in the denial rate for the(More)
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