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The base substitution fidelity of DNA polymerase-alpha, -beta, and -gamma (pol-alpha, -beta, and -gamma, respectively) has been determined in vitro, for all 12 possible mispairs at 96 sites in a forward mutational target. Averaging all errors over all known detectable sites, pol-gamma is the most accurate enzyme, producing one error for every 10,000 bases(More)
The effects of zinc supplementation (20 mM ZnCl2 from the drinking water for eight weeks) on plasma glucose and insulin levels, as well as its in vitro effect on lipogenesis and lipolysis in adipocytes were studied in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice and their lean controls (+/?). Zinc supplementation reduced the fasting plasma glucose levels in both obese(More)
The subunit structure of mammalian cytoplasmic progesterone receptors (PR) has been difficult to study because these proteins are subject to in vitro proteolysis; the structure of nuclear PR is unknown. We have now developed an in situ photoaffinity labeling method for PR that permits study of their subunits with minimal in vitro incubations. The strategy(More)
In an attempt to understand the molecular mechanisms of spontaneous and induced mutagenesis in higher organisms, the mutational specificities of highly purified DNA polymerases alpha, beta and gamma have been assessed for a single round on in vitro DNA synthesis with undamaged, biologically active DNA. A forward mutational assay in a nonessential gene has(More)
Since its inception Information Systems has relied heavily on older, more established, reference disciplines for much of its theory development and practical application. The relationship between the economic sciences and information quality has been the subject of much of the work recognized through the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Beginning with(More)
The effects of lithium, magnesium, vanadate, and zinc on leptinemia and leptin secretion by adipose tissue were investigated in streptozotocin- (STZ) induced hyperglycemic mice. After the administration of studied minerals in drinking water for 4 weeks, fasting serum leptin concentrations were elevated, accompanied by normoglycemia in STZ-injected mice,(More)
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