Paulette Padilla

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To characterize Ser1029 in STaR at a consensus sequence of phosphorylation site by PKC, two mutants of mS1029A with replacement of Ser1029 to Ala1029 and C delta 1029 lacking 22 amino acids including Ser1029 were prepared. Preincubation of the wild type-STaR (wt-STaR) transfectant with 1 microM PMA caused additional STa-mediated guanylyl cyclase (GC)(More)
To investigatie a potential mechanism of how Helicobacter pylori establishes infection, we purified a lot of vacuolating toxin (VacA) from supernatant of H. pylori ATCC49503 (tox+ strain 60190). We used an antibody which was prepared by immunizing rabbits with a synthetic peptide consisting of 16 amino acids reflecting a portion (Glu69-Arg83) of amino acid(More)
Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) induces differentiation of human leukemic HL-60 cells into cells with macrophage-like characteristics and enhances the susceptibility of HL-60 cells to the Helicobacter pylori VacA toxin (de Bernard, M., Moschioni., M., Papini, E., Telford, J. L., Rappuoli, R., and Montecucco, C. (1998) FEBS Lett. 436, 218-222). We(More)
The amino acid contents of edible insects from different provinces of Mexico and reference proteins were analysed by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and ion exchange chromatography. The insect amino acid contents were higher than the adult requirements indicated by the WHO/FAO pattern.
For the determination of beta-aminoisobutyric acid (BAIBA) in urine samples in which the beta-alanine concentrations are higher than those of BAIBA, the resolution between these two amino acids, separated by reversed-phase liquid chromatography on an octadecylsilane column, was optimized. The chromatographic analysis included precolumn derivatization of(More)
Mycorrhizas have a mutualistic relationship between fungi and vascular plants. Mycorrhizal associations are important for plants as they provide minerals, especially phosphorous, and water, while the plant provides carbohydrates for the fungi. Trail edges affect plant community diversity by altering water runoff, soil moisture or encouraging invasive(More)
Metabolic indices of neuronal activity are thought to predict changes in the frequency of action potentials. There are stimuli that do not shift action potential frequency but change the temporal organization of neuronal firing following modifications of excitatory inputs by inhibitory synaptic activation. To our knowledge it is unknown whether this kind of(More)
Ultrafiltration, gel-sieve chromatography and HPLC were used to purify MLIF. This material was HCl-hydrolyzed and the amino acids analyzed by HPLC-ortho-ophthaldialdehyde. Two hydrophobic non-polar (ile,leu), two uncharged polar (thr,tyr) and two positively charged (basic) (his, arg) amino acids were found in clear excess to their concentration in AMC and(More)
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