Paulette M. Q. Duhaime

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OBJECTIVE This three-dimensional and bilateral gait study on five below-knee amputees was undertaken to demonstrate the following: (1) how hip muscle powers can compensate for the lack of ankle function on the amputated side; and (2) how these compensatory mechanisms can influence muscle power activities in the sound limb. DESIGN Gait data were assessed(More)
Antisera against porcine ileal polypeptide (PIP) were raised in New Zealand rabbits and tested in a double antibody immunoassay system. All reactants were diluted in Veronal buffer, pH 8.6, and benzamidine hydrochloride (BzCl) was added to all tubes to a concentration of 1 mM. [125I]PIP was prepared by the lactoperoxidase method, and bound and free were(More)
An endogenous adrenergic antagonist extracted from porcine duodenal mucosa was tested for3H-yohimbine (5 nM) binding inhibitory activity using whole brain membranes. Duodenal mucosa was scraped into liquid N2 and extracted in 2M acetic acid (HAc)+1 mg/ml ascorbic acid. The supernatant was fractionated on SP-Sephadex C-25 with a stepwise pH gradient. The(More)
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