Paulette Ferland

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Numerous animal studies have demonstrated that adult marrow-derived cells can contribute to the cellular component of the lung. Lung injury is a major variable in this process; however, the mechanism remains unknown. We hypothesize that injured lung is capable of inducing epigenetic modifications of marrow cells, influencing them to assume phenotypic(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic angiogenesis by the administration of recombinant vascular endothelial growth factor (rVEGF) is a novel strategy for the treatment of ischemic disorders. rVEGF has been delivered as a protein, by plasmid DNA, and by genetically engineered cells with different pharmacokinetic and physiological properties. In the present study, we(More)
Herpes simplex type 1 (HSV1) replicates in epithelial cells and secondarily enters local sensory neuronal processes, traveling retrograde to the neuronal nucleus to enter latency. Upon reawakening newly synthesized viral particles travel anterograde back to the epithelial cells of the lip, causing the recurrent cold sore. HSV1 co-purifies with amyloid(More)
In Québec, recent political statements have strengthened the necessity to allocate resources according to regional population needs. A regional-provincial working group was set up to propose needs indicators in 8 different fields-or client-oriented programs-which subdivide the entire spectrum of health and social services in Québec. These programs include(More)
This paper proposes an indicator of needs for regional resource allocation in public health in Quebec. In the literature, the only reported measure of needs for regional resource allocation in public health has two parameters: size of population and Potential Years of Life Lost for preventable causes of death (APVP-EV). We verified whether APVP-EV were(More)
A double approach was used to study high jumping: attention demands and biomechanic. The main goal was to determine if the methodology used to measure the attention demands did interfere with high jumping performance. Two sub-goals were also aimed: (a) to find the main characteristics of the attention demands of high jumping; (b) to find the main kinetic(More)
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