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BACKGROUND The safety of medicines used in children is of considerable public interest, yet available data to monitor the safety of medicines in children is limited. AIMS To raise awareness and stimulate reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in children in the Trent region. METHODS A pilot Paediatric Regional Monitoring Centre (PRMC) has been(More)
Most methodologies reported in the academic literature are rarely used in a production environment and it is a frequent criticism that technology transfer to the wider community is infrequently achieved (House of Commons, 1998). One of the constraining factors has always been the gap in expertise between exponent and potential practitioner, which means that(More)
Home health and adult day services providers are natural collaborators, as both institutions seek to allow chronically ill patients to receive care at home. Well-formed partnerships between these two types of providers can result in better patient care that is more economical under the prospective payment system, and open up joint marketing opportunities.(More)
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