Paula de Oliveira

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A coupled non-Fickian model of a cardiovascular drug delivery system using a biodegradable drug-eluting stent is proposed. The numerical results are obtained using an implicit-explicit finite-element method. The influence of vessel stiffness on the transport of drug eluted from the stent is analysed. The results presented in this paper suggest new(More)
Amathematical model which simulates drug delivery through the cornea, from a therapeutic lens to the anterior chamber of the eye, is proposed. The model consists of three coupled systems of partial differential equations linked by interface conditions: drug diffusion in the therapeutic lens; diffusion and metabolic consumption in the cornea; diffusion,(More)
A two dimensional coupled model of drug delivery in the cardiovascular tissue using biodegradable drug eluting stents is developed. Qualitative behavior, stability analysis as well as simulations of the model have been presented. Numerical results computed with an Implicit Explicit Finite Element Method show a complete agreement with the expected physical(More)
Abstract: In this paper diffusion through a viscoelastic biodegradable material is studied. The phenomenon is described by a set of three coupled partial differential equations that take into account passive diffusion, stress driven diffusion and the degradation of the material. The stability properties of the model are studied. Erodible viscoelastic(More)