Paula Williams

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Studies have shown that many glial cells in the CNS possess receptors for neurotransmitters and that synapse-like contacts exist between glial cells and axonal terminals. Although synapse-like contacts are present between the glial cells (stellate cells) of the pituitary pars intermedia and the axons from the arcuate nucleus, it is not known whether these(More)
Melanotrophs of the rat pars intermedia are innervated by dopaminergic fibers traveling through the pituitary stalk which inhibit secretion via an action on D-2 receptors. As secretion from the melanotroph has been shown to be calcium (Ca2+) dependent, it is possible that dopamine may have an action to inhibit Ca2+ currents in these cells. This possibility(More)
The pharmacological sensitivities of the low threshold (LT) and high threshold (HT) calcium currents were studied using single electrode voltage clamp techniques in melanotrophs of the intact rat intermediate pituitary. The T-type LT current was selectively abolished by 200 microM nickel whereas the HT current was preferentially abolished by 25 microM(More)
We used single electrode voltage-clamp methods to investigate the inactivation of Ca2+ currents in melanotrophs of the intermediate lobe of the pituitary. The low threshold transient current was inactivated by brief prepulses to potentials above -30 mV and inhibition remained complete as prepulse potential was increased from 0 to +70 mV. Both the high(More)
Intracellular recordings from intact pituitary melanotrophs show that, in the same cell, inhibitory postsynaptic potentials resulting from either pituitary stalk stimulation or exogenous dopamine are abolished by D2 receptor antagonists, display identical conductance changes, are reversed in polarity at the same membrane potential and are sensitive to(More)
Kisspeptin, originally identified as metastatin, important in preventing cancer metastasis, has more recently been shown to be important in pregnancy. Roles indicated for kisspeptin in pregnancy include regulating trophoblast invasion and migration during placentation. The pregnancy-specific disorder pre-eclampsia (PE) is now accepted to begin with(More)
Pregnancy places increased demands on the mother to provide adequate nutrition to the growing conceptus. A number of micronutrients function as essential cofactors for or themselves acting as antioxidants. Oxidative stress is generated during normal placental development; however, when supply of antioxidant micronutrients is limited, exaggerated oxidative(More)
Intracellular recordings from melanotrophs in acutely isolated, intact pituitaries revealed inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (IPSPs) resulting from both pituitary stalk stimulation and exogenous gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) application. The stalk-stimulated and GABA-evoked IPSPs displayed identical conductance increases to chloride ions. Both responses(More)
CYP1A gene expression has been implicated in the processing of environmental procarcinogens and levels of variation in CYP1A mRNA expression are high in both environmentally exposed and chemically treated Atlantic tomcod. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of physical and biological parameters such as temperature, sex, and reproductive(More)
Natural language processing (NLP) and named entity recognition (NER) techniques are applied to collections of newspaper articles from four cities in the U.S. Southwest. The results are used to generate a network of water management institutions that reflect public perceptions of water management and the structure of water management in these areas. This(More)