Paula Vanessa Valverde Dinamarco

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We report the second case of infection with Chromobacterium violaceum that occurred in Brazil. A farm worker living in the State of São Paulo presented fever and severe abdominal pain for four days. At hospitalization the patient was in a toxemic state and had a distended and painful abdomen. Chest X-ray and abdominal ultrasound revealed bilateral pneumonia(More)
OBJECTIVE There is no consensus for grading when more than one grade is present in bladder carcinoma. We propose a grading system that considers the primary (most common) and secondary (second most common) grade of bladder cancer. Grade was correlated with stage of the tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS We studied 293 bladder transurethral resections or radical(More)
Endocardial fibroelastosis is an important cause of congestive heart failure and death in infancy and early childhood. When present, it is commonly associated with non immune hydrops fetalis. The aim of this study is to draw attention for possible cardiac abnormalities in cases of fetal hydrops, and report a case of premature death by primary endocardial(More)
Pulmonary agenesis (PA) is a rare congenital anomaly, which may be unilateral or bilateral. Unilateral PA may be associated with nonspecific respiratory symptoms. We report the case of 5-month-old infant who presented a normal development until the age of 4 months when a respiratory infection caused an acute respiratory distress syndrome with a fatal(More)
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