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Elevated concentrations of Se have been detected in cold, flowing water habitats near uranium and coal mines in Canada. Fish from these systems have concentrations of Se in their tissues that exceed toxic effect thresholds that have been established for warm-water fishes. However, the applicability of toxic effect thresholds and guidelines to cold water,(More)
Due to its variety and changeability in time, trunk asymmetry is a symptom of body silhouette distortions, which is difficult to assess objectively. The parametric method involving a geometric outline of trunk deformation (GOTD) has been developed in order to provide a tool for an objective measurement comparable to further examinations. Despite the(More)
Selenium (Se) is an essential nutrient, but in higher concentrations can reduce recruitment in fish populations by increasing rates of deformities during early development. Recent work has identified elevated levels of Se in water and biota collected downstream from coal mining activity in Alberta's northeast slopes region. We also recently identified(More)
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