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BACKGROUND Only two thirds of patients with major depression (MD) respond to antidepressants. Thus, far applicable predictors of responsiveness to selective serotonergic reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have not been found. Cumulative evidence linking serotonergic depletion and cognition led us to hypothesize that the neuropsychological functioning of major(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the characteristics of patients whose first admission to Israel's psychiatric units was involuntary, and to identify a specific profile of the patients at increased risk for future readmissions. Our hypothesis was that when the first admission of a patient was involuntary, the number and duration of future hospitalizations would be(More)
Eighty-six survivors of the Holocaust from a nonclinical population were interviewed to examine the recent mental state, coping and adjustment of elderly Holocaust survivors. Most of the interviewees suffered after the war and are still suffering from the results of persecution. Death camp survivors suffer more than survivors who were subjected to other(More)
The authors tested the hypotheses that the insecure attachment styles of adult patients with schizophrenia are associated with (a) diagnosis, (b) psychopathological syndromes, and (c) course of the disorder. Thirty schizophrenic and 30 age-matching control males answered a self-report questionnaire tapping secure, avoidant, and anxious/ambivalent attachment(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine all-cause and specific-causes mortality, in the years 1999-2008, among opioid-dependent users treated at methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) clinics in Israel and to compare the obtained results with data from relevant studies worldwide. METHOD The records of patients treated at MMT units were linked to the nationwide database of(More)
AIM A prospective longitudinal design was employed to examine the effects of buprenorphine maintenance on quality of life (QOL), clinical, and psychosocial characteristics of heroin-dependent patients. METHOD Between 2003 and 2005 data were collected on 259 patients attending the outpatient centers for treatment of drug addictions across Israel, of which(More)
AIM To explore (1) intergroup differences in comfortable interpersonal distances (CIDs) and the use of coping strategies; (2) the association of these parameters with individual symptomatology; and (3) the interplay between CIDs and coping styles in patients with depression and schizophrenia. METHODS The parameters of interest were assessed by means of(More)
BACKGROUND Though information about involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations (IPH) is crucial for the planning of Israel's National Mental Health Care Policy, very few studies have been carried out to date on this subject. AIMS To identify trends in first IPH to all inpatient psychiatric settings in Israel. METHOD The sample included all admissions of(More)
Conflicting results on changes of the diurnal melatonin rhythms of patients with affective disorders have been reported in the literature. The heterogeneous data may derive from the great discrepancy in the diagnostic criteria of different authors. A study of 12 schizoaffective and chronic schizophrenic psychotic patients found a constant pattern of an(More)
As laid down by Israeli legislation, the Regional Psychiatric Board constitutes one of the chief instruments in the monitoring of compulsory hospitalization, of compulsory outpatient treatment and of the quality of all inpatient care of the mentally ill. This article presents the findings of a study into the working of these boards. Taking a sample of every(More)