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One-third of the world population (approximately 2 billion individuals) is currently infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the vast majority harboring a latent infection. As the risk of reactivation is around 10% in a lifetime, it follows that 200 million of these will eventually develop active pulmonary disease. Only therapeutic or post-exposure(More)
AIMS Section Flavi is one of the most significant sections in the genus Aspergillus. Taxonomy of this section currently depends on multivariate approaches, entailing phenotypic and molecular traits. This work aimed to identify isolates from section Flavi by combining various classic phenotypic and genotypic methods as well as the novel approach based on(More)
A polyphasic approach consisting of morphological, chemical and molecular characterization was applied to 31 isolates of Aspergillus Section Flavi originating from Portuguese almonds, with the aim of characterizing and identifying aflatoxigenic and non-aflatoxigenic strains. On the basis of morphological characters (mainly colony color on Czapek-Dox agar(More)
Volatile sulfur compounds of 15 young port wines and 12 old port wines were determined. As there is a great difference in the pool of sulfur compounds between the two groups of wines, an experimental protocol was performed to determine which technological parameter (dissolved O(2), free SO(2) levels, pH, and time/temperature) was related with the(More)
AIM Ketamine can induce hepatotoxicity which has been suggested to be dependent on mitochondrial impairment. This study investigated the long-term effects of chronic low-dose ketamine on liver mitochondrial function, oxidative stress parameters, liver histology and glycogen content. MAIN METHODS Adult rats were administered with saline or ketamine (5 or(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis remains a high burden for Human society despite considerable investments in its control. Unique features in the history of infection and transmission dynamics of tuberculosis pose serious limitations on the direct interpretation of surveillance data and call for models that incorporate latent processes and simulate specific(More)
BACKGROUND Volatile anesthetics such as isoflurane are widely used in clinical and research contexts. Concerns have been raised that the effects of these drugs on the central nervous system may result in long-term impairment after surgery or general anesthesia. Hence, this study aimed to detect how different isoflurane concentrations influence spatial(More)
Three new aflatoxin-producing species belonging to Aspergillus section Flavi are described. They are Aspergillus mottae, A. sergii and A. transmontanensis. These species were isolated from Portuguese almonds and maize. An investigation examined morphology, extrolite production and DNA sequence data to characterize these isolates and describe the new(More)
The present study aimed to characterize five commercial honeys available in the Portuguese market in respect to their floral origins, physicochemical parameters and microbial safety and commercial quality assessment. Pollen profile, colour, moisture content, ash, acidity, electrical conductivity, pH, reducing sugars, apparent sucrose and HMF were the(More)
The negative effects of oxygen on white wine quality and the various factors which influence it (including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and free SO(2)) are well documented both at the sensory and compositional levels. What is less defined is the quantitative relationship between these parameters and the kinetics of the development of the negative(More)