Paula Regina Bonifácio dos Santos

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Several isolates, belonging to two new species of the same novel genus of gamma-proteobacteria, were recovered from drilled well (borehole) and spa water at São Gemil in central Portugal. These organisms are phylogenetically most closely related to the strictly intracellular uncultured species of the genus Rickettsiella, which cause disease in arthropods,(More)
INTRODUCTION Changes in carbohydrate metabolism may lead to recurrence of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of the disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism in the recurrence of idiopathic BPPV. METHODS A longitudinal prospective study of a cohort, with 41 months follow-up. We analyzed the results of 72(More)
We aimed to assess the validity of a single question to evaluate leisure-time physical activity (PA) in adolescents. We included 209 participants (57.4% girls) aged 14-18 years from Porto, Portugal, evaluated as part of the SALTA project. A self-reported question with four answer options, designed for the EPITeen study, was used to classify the intensity(More)
INTRODUCTION Salicylate at high doses induces tinnitus in humans and experimental animals. However, the mechanisms and loci of action of salicylate in inducing tinnitus are still not well known. The expression of Immediate Early Genes (IEG) is traditionally associated with long-term neuronal modifications but it is still not clear how and where IEGs are(More)
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