Paula R. Walters

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BACKGROUND Abnormal immune responses are believed to be highly relevant in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Dendritic cells provide a critical checkpoint for immunity by their capacity to both induce and suppress immunity. Although evident that cigarette smoke, the primary cause of COPD, significantly influences dendritic(More)
B lymphocytes play an essential regulatory role in the adaptive immune response through Ab production during infection. A less known function of B lymphocytes is their ability to respond directly to infectious Ags through stimulation of pattern recognition receptors expressed on their surfaces. β-Glucans are carbohydrates present in the cell wall of many(More)
The tobacco industry has promoted certain cigarette products with claims that their use may be less harmful to the smoker as they purportedly deliver lower amounts of toxic chemicals compared to conventional cigarettes. This study was designed to compare the relative antigen presenting cellular toxicity of Eclipse, a presumed reduced exposure product (PREP)(More)
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