Paula Rúbia Ferreira Rosa

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This study aimed to evaluate the effect of high organic loading rates (OLR) (60.0-480.00 kg COD m(-3)d(-1)) on biohydrogen production at 55°C, from sugarcane stillage for 15,000 and 20,000 mg CODL(-1), in two anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBR1 and AFBR2). It was obtained, for H2 yield and content, a decreasing trend by increasing the OLR. The maximum(More)
Este estudo foi centrado na avaliação química de amostras de solos provenientes de diversas estações de pesquisa na Antártica. Amostras de solos de referência foram coletadas em locais com mínimo impacto antrópico, distantes das estações de pesquisa. Locais selecionados nas vizinhanças das estações Frei Montalva e Escudero (Chile), Grande Muralha (China),(More)
The effects of different hydraulic retention times (HRTs) of 4, 2, and 1h and varying sources of inoculum (sludge from swine and sludge from poultry) on the hydrogen production in two anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBRs) were evaluated. Cheese whey was used as a substrate, and 5000mgCODL(-1) was applied. The highest hydrogen yield (HY) of 1.33molmol(-1)(More)
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