Paula Nilda Fergnani

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The role of ecotones in the maintenance of species diversity is rather controversial; they may represent either biodiversity hotspots with unique and rare forms, or be transitional areas that hold marginal populations of species. We analyse the taxonomic and functional composition of ant species assemblages across the Subantarctic-Patagonian transition to(More)
The extent to which the latitudinal gradient in species richness may be paralleled by a similar gradient of increasing functional or phylogenetic diversity is a matter of controversy. We evaluated whether taxonomic richness (TR) is informative in terms of ecological diversity (ED, an approximation to functional diversity) and phylogenetic diversity (AvPD)(More)
abundance of the ants, Lasiophanes picinus and L. valdiviensis, in Argentina Paula Fergnani1,a, Paula Sackmann1,b and Fabiana Cuezzo2,c 1 Laboratorio Ecotono, Centro Regional Universitario Bariloche, INIBIOMA UNC-CONICET. Pasaje Gutiérrez 1125 (8400) Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina 2 CONICET Instituto Superior de Entomología (INSUE), Facultad de Cs.(More)
We analysed the spatial variation in morphological diversity (MDiv) and species richness (SR) for 91 species of Neotropical Triatominae to determine the ecological relationships between SR and MDiv and to explore the roles that climate, productivity, environmental heterogeneity and the presence of biomes and rivers may play in the structuring of species(More)
Biogeographic transitions may play a significant role in generating unique biodiversity patterns along different spatial dimensions of the geobiosphere. The extent, however, to which the presence of large-scale biogeographic transitions interacts with local environmental variation to account for elevational patterns in species diversity still remains(More)
The latitudinal diversity gradient has been considered a consequence of a shift in the impact of abiotic and biotic factors that limit species distributions from the poles to the equator, thus influencing species richness variation. It has also been considered the outcome of evolutionary processes that vary over geographical space. We used six South(More)
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