Paula Mayoral

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Oxidative stress can play a key role in Cd-induced dysfunctions. Quercetin is a potent oxygen free radicals scavenger and a metal chelator. Our aim was to study the effect of quercetin on Cd-induced kidney damage and oxidative stress as well as its mechanism of action. Wistar rats were distributed in four experimental groups: control rats; Cd; quercetin and(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) or volumetric visualization is a useful resource for learning about the anatomy of the human brain. However, the effectiveness of 3D spatial visualization has not yet been assessed systematically. This report analyzes whether 3D volumetric visualization helps learners to identify and locate subcortical structures more precisely than(More)
Hepatic fibrosis or increased liver collagen contents drive functional abnormalities that, when extensive, may be life threatening. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of the chronic stimulation or inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis in rats with hepatic fibrosis induced by permanent common bile duct ligation (3 weeks) and the role of(More)
Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that is very effective in treating different gram negative infections, however, one of its main side effects is nephrotoxicity. Gentamicin-induced decreases in glomerular filtration rate could be mediated by mesangial cell contraction. Resveratrol, a natural hydroxystilbene, has been identified to be a potent(More)
Mediterranean diet has been related to a low risk of coronary hearth disease. In the present study, we have evaluated the effect of substituting 120 g of meat by 120 g of acorn-fed Iberian ham (one of the meat components of the Mediterranean diet) on body weight, blood pressure (MAP), plasma lipids and oxidant-antioxidant equilibrium in 13 males and 8(More)
Some females are at an increased risk of developing bulimia. However, etiological factors and their interplay remain controversial. The present study analyzed Sticefe Model for eating disorders in a non-clinical population by examining gender differences with respect to the following risk factors: body mass index (BMI), body dissatisfaction, perceived(More)
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