Paula M. Usita

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INTRODUCTION This is an exploratory, qualitative investigation of breast cancer survivors' experiences with breastfeeding. Previous studies have focused on the physiology of lactation after surgery and treatment, but have not explored factors influencing breastfeeding decisions and behavior. METHODS We used purposeful sampling to identify 11 breast cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Younger women diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to have survival concerns related to fertility, which may influence their treatment decisions. OBJECTIVE This qualitative study explores how young women make cancer treatment decisions and the role of fertility concerns in that process. METHODS We used purposeful sampling to identify(More)
This research identifies stressors that correlate with depression, focusing on acculturation, among female Korean immigrants in California. Telephone interviews were conducted with female adults of Korean descent (N = 592) from a probability sample from 2006 to 2007. Sixty-five percent of attempted interviews were completed, of which over 90% were conducted(More)
SETTING Tuberculosis (TB) hospital in Beijing, China. OBJECTIVE To describe perspectives of patients and physicians regarding the incorporation of smoking cessation interventions as part of TB treatment. DESIGN Seven focus groups were conducted with 39 patients and 17 physicians. RESULTS Patients were more receptive to physicians' advice to quit(More)
PURPOSE A knowledge gap exists between general physicians and specialists in diagnosing and managing Alzheimer disease (AD). This gap is concerning due to the estimated rise in prevalence of AD and cost to the health care system. Medical school is a viable avenue to decrease the gap, educating future physicians before they specialize. The purpose of this(More)
Koreans hail from a culture where men’s smoking and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure were the norm. Little is known about how nonsmokers of Korean descent respond to smokers in the United States. In 2007–2008, trained moderators conducted eight focus groups with nonsmokers (n = 47) of Korean descent in San Diego. Participants discussed their personal(More)
This research examined the prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence (IPV) among younger, middle-aged, and older Korean American women. Data were drawn from telephone interviews of a population-based, representative probability sample (N = 592) of female adults of Korean descent residing in California, with a completion rate of 70 %. Data were(More)
Coerced and adolescent sex industry involvement are linked to serious health and social consequences, including enhanced risk of HIV infection. Using ethnographic fieldwork, including interviews with 30 female sex workers with a history of coerced or adolescent sex industry involvement, we describe contextual factors influencing vulnerability to coerced and(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco industry cigarette advertising is associated with increased adolescent smoking, while counter tobacco advertising is associated with reduced smoking. As these campaigns compete for influence, there is a need to understand their inter-relationship on youth smoking. METHODS This study reports data from a national population of families(More)
This study examined the family well-being concerns of grandparents in skipped-generation families. Co-resident grandparents who are responsible for raising their grandchildren completed surveys, focus groups, or individual interviews. Service providers to skipped-generation families also participated in individual interviews to provide an additional(More)