Paula M Kenny

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This paper reports the quality of life (QoL) of a large cohort of Australian women three and twelve months after surgery for early stage breast cancer (ESBC), and shows that the impact of disease and treatment on QoL differed by age, education and marital status. Eighty-three percent of eligible patients were recruited; 86% had breast conserving surgery and(More)
This paper reports the findings of a study of client satisfaction with postnatal midwifery care. Women could choose one of two forms of care; either domiciliary care following early discharge, or hospital care until discharge. Consumers' perceptions of their postnatal care were examined at the end of the period of care. Women assessed the midwives' interest(More)
This paper reports a descriptive study of the costs and quality of life (QoL) outcome of treatments for early stage breast cancer in a cohort of Australian women, one year after initial surgical treatment. Mastectomy without breast reconstruction is compared to breast conserving surgery and radiotherapy (breast conservation). Of the 397 women eligible for(More)
The cost-effectiveness of a Fractured Hip Management Programme (FHMP) was evaluated by considering available measures of patient outcome and comparing the cost of the programme with the value of resources freed by reductions in length of hospital stay. The FHMP adopted a multidisciplinary team approach to care for elderly patients with hip fracture. The(More)
The physical symptoms and side-effects reported by patients treated for early breast cancer with surgery (S), (breast conservation or mastectomy), radiotherapy (R) and chemotherapy (C) are reported. As part of a large quality-of-life study, eligible patients were invited to complete a questionnaire at three and 12 months after treatment for early breast(More)
The authors examined the psychometric properties of the gay and lesbian versions of the Modern Homonegativity Scale (MHS-G and MHS-L) in samples of heterosexual Irish university students (Ns=179 and 353). Confirmatory factor analyses revealed that the MHS-G and MHS-L were unidimensional and factorially distinct from a well-established measure of(More)
INTRODUCTION Diathermy is an integral part of many modern surgical procedures. While diathermy is generally accepted as 'safe', electrosurgery-induced injuries are among the more common causes for malpractice litigation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the awareness among surgeons of the principles, risks, precautions and appropriate use of(More)
Positions for nurses as coordinators and case managers have developed in response to demands for increased efficiency in the provision of hospital care. The Fractured Hip Management Programme in Western Sydney is one example of this development. The programme was introduced in response to mounting concern about the demands on hospital resources from elderly(More)