Paula M Karnick

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Much has been written about the phenomenon of loneliness. Despite the plethora of theoretical information concerning loneliness, the phenomenon lacks a clear, consensual definition. Nurses often work with persons who feel lonely. Feeling lonely is a phenomenon that is a universal lived experience that is significant to health and quality of life. In this(More)
Much of the nursing discipline scoffed at Martha Rogers' (1914-1994) theory of unitary human beings for many years. Rogers was a visionary. She saw things others never could imagine. Her theory lives on today and if one is open to the possibles, one may actually see what Rogers conceptualized, a differemt way of looking at the human experience and caring(More)
Power in practice reveals itself in many ways. There are many definitions of power but in nursing care it could be said that the power is within the patient. Nurses facilitate patients power by engaging them in dialogical engagements. This helps patients to decide how to utilize the power of living their quality.
Sofhauser addresses the concepts of intent, intentionality, and intention and how it affects nursing behavior with regards to patient care. While the definitions are well stated, much thought and debate must be given in explicating how these concepts are philosophically and theoretically intertwined with caring on all levels. Herein lies the concern: do(More)