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The evolution of individual microsatellite loci is often complex and homoplasy is common but often goes undetected. Sequencing alleles at a microsatellite locus can provide a more complete picture of the common evolutionary mechanisms occurring at that locus and can reveal cases of homoplasy. Within species homoplasy can lead to an underestimate of(More)
We have previously shown that in HeLa cells treated with a variety of agents there is an increase in cell surface peptidase (CSP) activity in those cells undergoing apoptosis. The increase in CSP activity observed in UVB-irradiated cells undergoing apoptosis was unaffected when the cultures were treated with the aminopeptidase inhibitor bestatin, and matrix(More)
[3] R. Rimey and C. Brown. Control of selective perception using bayes nets and decision theory .ing to act using real-time dynamic programming. [9] Vadim Bulitko and Ilya Levner. Improving learn-ability of adaptive image interpretation systems. An optimal algorithm for approximate nearest neighbor searching fixed dimensions. [17] Dan Pelleg and Andrew(More)
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