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1. ABSTRACT This paper examines the change in expectation among a group of small Australian firms who participate in Small Business Internet Commerce (SBIC) over a twenty-month period. Essentially, we found that small firms online believed the Internet is important in terms of competitiveness, although some of the early expectations about SBIC's ability to(More)
Focus Theme Focus Theme Focus Theme Focus Theme Focus Theme the self-report questionnaire that faithfully reflects the emotional factors related to electronic commerce systems. The second study focused on determining the important graphic design factors from the cus-tomer's perspective. The causal relations between the emotional factors and design factors(More)
EDI should not be seen as a competitive weapon-it does not offer a sustainable competitive advantage to its users as did the earlier inter-organisational systems (such as the various airline reservation systems). Instead EDI provides a standardised infrastructure upon which an adopting organisation can reengineer its business processes and thus confers a(More)