Paula Luna

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The development and implementation of open source software (OSS) is one of the most current topics within the academic, business and political environments. Traditionally, research in OSS has focused on identifying individual personal motives for participating in the development of an OSS project, analyzing specific OSS solutions, or the OSS movement,(More)
Acid inhibitory therapy has long been considered of no benefit for upper GI bleeding. The reason was that achlorhydria in the stomach could not be achieved with any single or combination of acid inhibitory drugs. The introduction of proton pump inhibitors has, for the first time, allowed the physician to temporarily achieve achlorhydria by large doses of(More)
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is a malignant fibrohistiocytic tumor that appears exclusively on the skin. It is a low-grade malignant soft tissue tumor of subcutaneous tissues that has a propensity for local recurrence but seldom metastasizes. It may rarely occur on the head and neck accounting for less than one percent of total head and neck(More)
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