Paula Lee Valkov

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The authors discuss the anatomic variations and the precise origins and insertions of the lumbrical muscles, after dissecting 14 fresh cadavers (56 lumbrical muscles) and reviewing the scant published literature. They compare the findings with those of other investigators, and they describe the lumbrical muscle insertions discovered during the dissections.(More)
In this article, the anatomic variations in interosseous muscle insertions are described based on a review of the literature and 14 fresh cadaver hand dissections. The findings are correlated and compared with those of a number of other investigators, and the clinical implications are discussed (i.e., in the correction of ulnar deviation in arthritis(More)
A large variety of pedicle flaps centered at the shoulder girdle or pelvic girdle, or derived from the epigastric axis, are generally available to reconstruct defects of the torso. However, microvascular free flap reconstruction may occasionally be required for: 1) locations that are difficult to reach with pedicle flaps (the posterolateral iliac crest(More)
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