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We analyze the results of a recent experiment with bosonic rubidium atoms harmonically confined in a quasi-two-dimensional (2D) geometry. In this experiment a well-defined critical point was identified, which separates the high-temperature normal state characterized by a single component density distribution, and the low-temperature state characterized by a(More)
Data obtained with any research tool must be reproducible, a concept referred to as reliability. Three techniques are often used to evaluate reliability of tools using continuous data in aging research: intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC), Pearson correlations, and paired t tests. These are often construed as equivalent when applied to reliability.(More)
We report on experiments with cold thermal (7)Li atoms confined in combined magnetic and electric potentials. A novel type of three-dimensional trap was formed by modulating a magnetic guide using electrostatic fields. We observed atoms trapped in a string of up to six individual such traps, a controlled transport of an atomic cloud over a distance of 400(More)
The Ontario Mother and Infant Survey examined health and social service utilization of postpartum women and newborn infants from five hospital sites. A cross-sectional multilanguage survey design with longitudinal follow-up was used: 1,250 eligible, consenting women completed a self-report questionnaire in hospital and 875 women participated in a structured(More)
We prepare a chemically and thermally one-dimensional (1D) quantum degenerate Bose gas in a single microtrap. We introduce a new interferometric method to distinguish the quasicondensate fraction of the gas from the thermal cloud at finite temperature. We reach temperatures down to kT≈0.5ℏω(⊥) (transverse oscillator eigenfrequency ω(⊥)) when collisional(More)
Stoichiometric FeRh undergoes a temperature-induced antiferromagnetic (AFM) to ferromagnetic (FM) transition at ~350 K. In this Letter, changes in the electronic structure accompanying this transition are investigated in epitaxial FeRh thin films via bulk-sensitive valence-band and core-level hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with a photon energy of(More)
People with intellectual disabilities face an exceptionally high risk of being victims of sexual abuse and thereby becoming involved in the criminal justice system. Coping effectively with this system is enough of a challenge for those without disability, but it is far more difficult for the intellectually disabled. As a result, greater attention needs to(More)
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